Arabic language text not supported!

I don’t have any personal experience of this, but an earlier thread on this topic refers to a plugin Farsi Nevis Rose Arabic language

Yes. This is a traditional Unicode issue.

I suggest using this plugin

@jeremy5 @jeremy5 thanks for your reply, unfortunately this is suitable for Persian than Arabic
as in Arabic language is more richer and and the contextual form of each letter is changeable from one to another
it need some work to make a proper plugin for Arabic and it very strange that we are more that 450 million Arab speaker and Mcneal doesn’t support Arabic !
any way I’m getting started with Rhinoscript nowadays … it would be enough for me to create a plugin like this or I have to learn something else !

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@pascal RhinoScript would be sufficient ?

Hello - I’m afraid I have no relevant experience dealing with languages - I suspect it is hard - however, as a more general comment, I would concentrate on Python if you want to look at scripting Rhino, or one of the dotNet implementations - c#, vb.Net, but in plain Rhino, Python has its own editor, so it is conventient to use. RhinoScript is great as far as it goes, but it is quite limited in certain respects - in particular it does not have access to Rhino Common, which is pretty significant.


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Follow these steps:

  1. Add Python27\Lib\site-packages folder to Module Search paths

  1. Set Python27 as interepter to install python-bidi or you can install it via Pycharm.
  2. Open cmd and type pip install python-bidi (or install it via Pycharm)
  3. Copy the file " " to “Python27\Lib\site-packages”.
  4. Restart Rhino (if it is already opened).

You can copy the result text and use it in Rhino (12.6 KB) (9.0 KB)


شكرا thanks

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