Hebrew for rhino - is it possible?

As an Architect & designer i find myself exporting files to autocad just because i can insert and edit hebrew text in rhino -
after all rhino has all the tools i need for drafting - but the text troubles me.

is it possible to develop some kind of plug-in for this matter ?
i would be more than happy to help any scripting genius who knows nothing about hebrew to make it possible.

I’m not sure if we properly support right-to-left text yet. If you import the autocad file with Hebrew text in it into Rhino, does the text display correctly or is it backwards?

It might - but the thing is to have a “fast” work flow in rhino - exporting and importing the text will take to much time -
autocad has this tool called winheb - which open a different text box for hebrew - it allows to write, edit & change font styles. having a parallel function in rhino can give us the option to stay in rhino without using autocad.

I’m sure @stevebaer wasn’t suggesting a workflow that involves a round-trip via autocad but only trying to find out if right-to-left survives in Rhino. If you do a quick check of a file that you export from autocad and open in Rhino, does the text display correctly?

the letters are shown correctly - but the order is backword-

Thanks for checking; that’s what I thought might be the case. Another question, if you run the text command in Rhino can you enter Hebrew in the text box in the correct order or is that also backwards?

@lowell, in your annotation work for V6, do you have a left-to-right flag for supporting left-to-right scripts? This may be all that is necessary for Hebrew, but will be insufficient for Arabic, as the Arabic script uses lots of ligatures and connecting glyphs that change depending on the characters that are next to each other.

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typing in the text box is ok - it writes like i was writing Hebrew in word or excel -

Unfortunately there’s no support for any right to left text in Rhino, and I don’t know any way around it.
We will be supporting R to L text in v6 but that’s not in the near future.

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