Right-click on selection filter toolbar erratic

I always have the snapping and object selection filter toolbars along the bottom of the window in Rhino 7 and that works in Rhino 8 too… except for the selection filter toolbar (the right one)… right-clicking in it is very erratic… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… also, shift toggles… something?

Same logic as in the OSnaps:
1st right click a checkbox deactivates all others
2nd right click restores the former state.
Quite handy.

Don’t know what this means either, also for Ctrl.
I assume it is the same system as with OSnap, but no functionality .

Hmm… a restart seems to have fixed it.

The shift behavior is still weird, as it only shows up when the cursor is on top of the menu.

Nope, the erratic behavior is back. Right clicking on the selection filter often fails in V8 WIP. There is no similar issue in V7.

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