Magic Mouse

Parallels have very handy shortcut for middle click on the magic mouse (cmd+click), so when I log onto windows through parallels to use rhino for windows the magic mouse works well.
can similar shortcut be assigned for the Mac version?
I tried to do it through the command-customised-keyboard shortcut no luck. any idea how to do it?

Thank you

I don’t know of any free way to customize click values, although there may be one. I do swear by Steer Mouse which lets you customize all kinds of mouse buttons. It’s been worth every penny of the $20 I spent on it several years ago. Good luck!

There is no way to define some set of modifier keys plus a mouse click to be a middle mouse click. Apple does not provide this, nor does Rhino provide this.

Also, command-click won’t work in Rhino as a fake middle mouse button click. Command-click is already used in Rhino to deselect selected objects, and is also used to initiate Elevator mode. There are probably other Command-click uses that I’m not remembering right now.