Right button not working in OSNAP menu

I’m using an older Microsoft optical mouse with scroll wheel. Right clicking brings up a context menu as I would expect when in a drawing, but right clicking on an OSNAP item box does not do anything. One of the tutorials I read said that right clicking an item in this menu will select it while deselecting all others. Right clicking the Disable all box is supposed to clear all checkmarks from OSNAP items. Nothing in the Preferences > Mouse pane seems to address this. Any ideas? Mouse too old?

Unfortunately, this does not yet work on Rhino for Mac. I supect you were looking at a Rhino for Window tutorial. This is a known bug, I’m afraid (MR-629).

There we go. Thanks.
For what it’s worth, the tutorial was the Accurate Modeling tutorial under the Rhino for Mac tutorials section. Might have been put in that section by mistake, or because it contained a lot of info common to both programs.

When can we expect this feature to be implemented? It’s one of those I use every day in WinRhino… It would be nice to have it on the Mac (soon :wink:) Please…