RhinoSplitBrepFace problem after latest updates

Hi everyone,
I’m using RhinoSplitBrepFace function to create new BRep, but when I download the latest update for Rhino this function doesn’t work like before. It’s there some changes for this function?

Can you provide any additional information?

What SR where you running and what SR are you running now?

Do you have some before SR and after SR geometry?

Can we see some sample code so we can repeat the behavior here?

Hi dale,
Thank you for responding.
I’m running Version 5 SR10 64-bit and before update SR9.
This is the problem, I have a model (Brep) and when I want to import in Rhino debug mode, Rhino informs me that the model have invalid face, some trims and loops and then crash it. But when I import it in release mode nothing happens and when I used “What” command the model seams valid??(Beside this, model have some bad objects when you use SelBadObjects) So, with SR9 I used this model in RhinoSplitBrepFace and everything seams good, now with new updates this function returns NULL for some cases (not in prior version). Now I have problem with this error: “ON_Brep.m_T[426].m_type = ON_BrepTrim::seam but m_iso is not N/E/W/S_iso.”, I’m guessing. Is there are some way to solve this problem?
Thanks again, Filip

Actually I realize this problem, the Brep model after calling the function RhinoSplitBrepFace has equal number of faces but different number of edges. This mean that RhinoSplitBrepFace didn’t split the face but added extra edges. Why is that?
Thanks Filip


Could this possibly be related to the following?

I was assuming it was, as I haven’t heard back from Filip (in this thread).

Hi again. Thank you menno and dale for responding. It’s been awhile since my last post. I send you 3dm test file and some code whit two particular commands. With command SplitBrepFace, after selectin brep and closed curve that lies on the brep, most of the curves on the 3dm file in Rhino5 SR10 return failure because of invalid brep, but in SR9 works fine for all curves.
Also, I find problem with RhinoBrepClosestPoint. See this picture ,
red points are points on curve (drawn with InterpCrvOnSrf command so I suppose that the curve lie on brep). Blue points are obtained from red points by RhinoBrepClosestPoint. In SR9, red and blue points are overlapping. But in SR10, there a cases where blue points are far a way from red ones. You can try the command RhinoClosestPointExampl e from the code that I send you.
Maybe these problems are related?
Please see this example and why we have different behavior with SR’s?
Thanks Filip
model&code.rar (114.9 KB)