BrepFace.Split Bug in RhinoCommon

Hi guys,
@SteveBaer, @Dale, @GregArden

I have just realized that old bug with splitting of the BrepFace with set of curves is not fixed.

Please see my example enclosed. It seems that mostly the problem is caused by curves end points which are not belonging to border edges of the BrepFace.
When using RC method Split for the example enclosed, it produces an Invalid brep.
When looking in every face of the Invalid brep - 2 of them are Valid and 3 are Invalid.
Seems that 2 Invalid faces out of 3 are because of the problem mentioned above, however the reason for another Invalid face is not clear to me.

Normal Split command of Rhino splits this surface with given curves perfectly. Of course - the same tolerance is used.

The question is - can this Bug be fixed rather fast - within next days?
For me this is very urgent question - thank you in advance!

DmitriySplitError.3dm (31.7 KB)

I’ve reported this as a bug.

I don’t think fixing it will be a problem. I don’t know when the next Rhino service release will be available, though.

Thanks, Dale.