V6 BoxEdit

Hey guys,

I’ve got a couple of suggestions for the Box Edit dialogue. First, love the ‘uniform’ checkbox - absolutely love it.

I might perhaps suggest you change the tab order for the size though, so I can enter X dimension - tab - Y - tab - Z dimension. At the moment the tab order is x - uniform - y - z. Also, could we have ‘enter’ to apply the changes?
Another little thing would be to change the default pivot location to ‘centre’ in XYZ - or at least make the location sticky so it remembers the last setting?

Cheers, Aaron

Another thing (this time with Block Instances).
I’m always importing files into rhino, and get this dialogue box frequently.
Would it be an option to have a ‘don’t ask me again’ checkbox so I can have it set the way I like it and it remembers my settings?

Thanks again,

Hi Aaron - got that, thanks.



Hi Aaron - I’ll see about tabbing - I see some other odd (to me) things with the dialog this morning when trying to use the keyboard.