RS: A few more new methods request

Hi @dale,

There are some new V5 features that would be helpful to have exposed in RS:

  1. a setting switch for TextDot to accept multiline text
  2. get/set object’s Gumball frame
  3. get/set linetype pattern definition
  4. a method similar to “EditText” but scripted - showing similar small text input box at cursor (or user-specified location). Currently when EditText command is called via the script it shows up and instantly disappears - if this was not the case, no need for new script method, I guess.

Hope they make sense, and other fellow scripters would find these useful as well.



Added to the pile.

great, thanks : )

This looks like it already works:

Rhino.AddTextDot "Hello" & vbCrLf & "Rhino", arrPoint

Oh, that’s right. Sorry, for some reason the other day when I tried doing it I could not get this to work…
One less item on the heap then ; )