Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowTextDialog bug?


Hi @dale,

i´ve found that if more than 30 lines of text are used in below code for the txt variable:

Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowTextDialog(txt, "Output")

the output is an empty dialog. Does the text need some special linefeed formating for this to work ?


Line length problem with Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowTextDialog() - V5
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Can you provide a more detailed example that doesn’t work for you?


Hi Dale, a quick one, my original seems to have longer lines, below fails with 150:

import Rhino
def DoSomething():
    text_out = []
    for i in xrange(150):
        text_out.append(str(i) + " Hello Rhino")
    txt = "\n".join(text_out)
    Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowTextDialog(txt, "Title")

btw. rs.TextOut() seems to be missing in rhinoscript syntax. @Alain maybe this could be added ?


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RH-33800 is fixed in the latest WIP