RhinoScript syntax highlighter for Notepad++ or equivalent

Is there a UDL style I could import into Notepad++ (or equivalent) to highlight syntax like Notepad++ does for python etc.

Would make writing RhinoScripts a bit easier for a noob like me!


Currently looks like:

Rhinoscript uses VBScript, I think Visual Basic might get you close - after you can tweak what you like under Settings: Style Configurator - find VB / VBS in the list and modify the colors as you want.


Hi @andyconnacher
It should work properly if you use “Visual Basic”.
I do not know, however, if there’s a way to set Notepad++ automatically switch it every time you open a file.


There is, in the Style Configurator, find the language and add a rvb extension under user defined. Then all .rvb files will open with the VB highlighting syntax. If you only work in VB, you can also set that as the default format.


Amazing thanks guys!

Looking gorgeous now :heart_eyes: