How do you paste the code and maintain colors/highlighting from the script editor?

I think I saw this with Python only here – is it possible to copy the code from RS editior and keep its ‘look’ ?
@clement, I think most of your code samples keep the editor formatting…



Hi @Jarek,

testing code below:

Option Explicit

'Script to say hello
Call Howdy()
Sub Howdy()
    Dim msg, result
    msg = "Hello World"
    result = Rhino.MessageBox(msg, vbOk + vbInformation, "Peace")
    Rhino.Print result
End Sub

i´ve just been writing this in the line before the script:


and this in the line after the script

but imho, syntax highlighting on discourse and RhinoScript + Python editors could be further improved. :)


Nice! thanks for the hint Clement. It works.