RhinoScript plugin registry problems

Windows 8.1
Rhino 5.0 32 bit
SR 11

A plugin I wrote several years ago is suddenly not working. When executing the command, I get the following:

Unknown command: _RhinOffsets_MakeOffsetTable

I checked the registry and find the following record:


one of the entries in the command list is:

RhinOffsets_MakeOffsetTable REG_SZ 66;RhinOffsets_MakeOffsetTable

The plugin is a compiled rhinoScript.

What am I missing?

Registry looks ok (I guess). Can you send me the plug-in?

Were you able to determine why the commands are unrecognized?


Cliff W Estes

BaseLine Technology

Rhino modeling, training, plugin development.


425 736 5889

Dale: Did you receive the plugin I emailed you? I have a user who is waiting for an answer why the commands are unrecognized.

Hi Cliff,

No, I’ve never received anything…

– Dale

Is there a forum to upload it to? I’ve tried email twice and it seems to get lost???

You should be able to upload attachments here on this forum…

setup.zip (2.4 MB)

Got it - I’ll take a look next week.

Thx, Dale.

One interesting note is that the commands that are reported to be “unknown” are listed in the properties dialog for the plugin

Hi Cliff,

I’ve installed your plug-in. I was a bit surprised that your installer didn’t register the plug-in. So I dragged & dropped RhinOffsets4.rhp on top of a running Rhino 5 SR 11 32-bit to install. Using the plug-in manager, I can see that your plug-in contains these commands:


I verified this by peaking in the Registry:

No sign of a ‘RhinOffsetsMakeOffsetTable’ command.

Not sure if this helps.

Thanks, Dale.

Did you try any of the commands? Each one returns “Unknown command…”