Rhino plugin loads perfectly, but commands do not appear

Hi all! Thanks for helping!

I’m compiling a rhino plugin for windows. Everything seems to be ok, when debbuging there is no problem at all and Rhino loads it apparently with no problems: no errors.

The thing is, I can’t find my command in the command list (intellisense), and when I check PlugInManager my plugin is intalled, loaded but it doesn’t any command.

Any help from masters?
Thank you!

Hey @p.cortes.nieves,

Can you take a screen capture of your plug-in in Rhino’s plug-in manager? Something similar to this?


– Dale

Hi Dale!

Thanks for answering!

Hi @p.cortes.nieves,

I can see from your screen capture that your plug-in does not have any commands.

– Dale

Hi @dale ,

That is the problem. I’ve defined a command in VS, and while debugging I have no issues.
The plugin (and the command) are loaded perfectly.
When I try to load it directly in a new Rhino session, I can’t see any command.

Any ideas?

Make sure you don’t have more than one copy of your .RHP and that you are loading the “correct” one in Rhino.

If you double-click on your plug-in in plug-in manager, you can see where Rhino is loading it from.

– Dale

Sure, I’ve even tried to “unistalling” it by deleting it from its current folder and using a new one, just to check that the git folder wasn’t the problem.
But yeah, I have just one RHP file…

Try this: rename your project’s output folder. Then launch Rhino and open plug-in manager. Is your plug-in listed?

Also, are your commands in your .RHP assembly?

– Dale

I rename the output folder, and my plugin is not listed anymore.
If I install it again, it hasn’t any commands

If not, move them there.

They are (just one)

You might put a breakpoint in your command’s constructor. An exception thrown from there might keep Rhino from creating it.

– Dale

Fixed! Thank you very much for your help, Dale!