RhinoRookie - Texture mapping too intense

Hi! My asphalt texture is really intense and not sure how to fix it…
tried the intensity percentage in the material properties (for both texture color and bump)
also tried playing around with black point and white point in displacement…

Any ideas?


In V6 (and I think also V5), you can use the Gain and Multiplier controls under the Color ( texturemap / diffuse-color / albedo ) properties to take a bit of the contrast out. Oddly enough, the graph actually helps prevent value clipping.

I’ve also found that usable bumpmapping values are less than they would seem. Most of the time, I don’t use more than 25%

Thanks very much
I’ve played around with the gain and multiplier and seems to have helped a lot.
I also reduced the bump intensity to 40%

Seems to be the multiplier that helps the most