Raytraced bumps: strength/gain control

I can’t seem to get the bumps coming out in the raytraced mode.
It kind of looks a bit flat.
Speckles especially.
Is there way to increase strength/gain?
Do I just change something on the bump image file?

The amount of bump texture should affect the strength. There is no further control over the strength.

Thanks! Will try to see how it changes.

What is meant by “the amount of bump texture affects the strength.” ?

In RH-5 we could dial it up or back, selecting JUST the RIGHT percentage, depending on the need. Is losing that control an improvement or do we not really lose it in the material manager ? I consistently bring “custom” materials in my models forward from -5 so am genuinely curious.

Thanks - C.

The SAME control STILL exists in v6.


Thanks ! Good to know. I’ve JUST pulled the trigger on -6, and am REALLY looking forward to getting into it - if I can just find some time between projects ! Gotta start with what I already know and move forward from there as opportunity permits !

All my best to you and yours !

Thanks gain -