VRAY bump/reflection issue


I’m having some trouble mapping the bump of a concrete surface.

I have a bump map in the bump slot, if i use only a standard fresnel reflection the bump won’t show and surface is totally flat, when i put a reflection map in the reflection slot I start to see the bump but the reflection is too much even with a 0.1 value.

I’ve tried to change the option as to treat the glossy rays but it won’t produce an effect.

Anyone knows how to get arround this problem?

I’m using Vray 2.0.

Thank you.

I think the problem is that we have a diffuse lighting perpendicular to the surface and so, bump is not really good visible. Some direct light should show it.
Maybe also you bump texture has not enough contrast.

Did you place the map at the right slot of the reflection layer?

No, I’ve changed the option TexFresnel to Texbitmap and placed it directly there, maybe that’s the problem. I have to put it inside the Texfresnel Prependicular slot.

I’ll test it!

Right, you created something like a metal material.

Hi Lourenco,
I believe that after you apply a reflection texture, the multiplier 0.1 is deactivated and values from the texture are used instead. You can change the intensity by using Texture Manipulation section in the screenshot above by Micha.


Hi Jonish,

did you test it? The reflection multiplier at the top of level could be still working. I’m using an old test version and it works here. Some times it easier to use this multiplier than at the deeper level. (I believe the multiplier is for the map control.)

You are over complicating things.

Start from diffuse texture , plain white reflection, glossiness 0.65, and add the bump map, with a value of 0,4 cm, according to your file units setup.

Let fresnel at default value, 1.6, but

then, if you cant’s see the bump, add much contrast to the bump texture, inside rhino decreasing gamma or better contrasting it with photoshop…do a region render to speed up the process.

Hello Pitti,

thank you for your feedback, i understand everything you said, except the value of the bump, I tought these vray values are independent to the units that i’m working in rhino, so I’m using mm, does this mean I should use a value of 4.0 in the bump and if I were working in meters I should use 0.04 ?

Yes, put 4

Hi Jonish,

Thank you.

I belive Micha is right, normally the reflection multipier works, but i’ll test it and give the feedback.

You’re probably right. Sorry, that was false flag from me. They moved multipliers to a different card in vRay 3 and they do multiply texture effects. Tried it just now.