RhinoInside Revit not loading - Unsupported Revit Version

RhinoInside.Revit is not loading up when I start Revit. It says I need to update Revit but it is already on the latest version and meets all of the plugin’s requirements.

revit error

I was previously able to use RhinoInside.Revit. This issue only showed up when I had to reinstall the beta version after the 45 day period. Is anyone else facing this issue? Thank you for the help.

Please download again the installer.
There were a bug that provokes this.


Hey Kike, That seems to have work for today.

I will say I did try this same process yesterday with the issue presiting. I guess it only works if you wait a day? 🤷

Thanks for the help!

I have updated the latest version of rhino inside and I have this problem (Unsupported Revit version). how can i solve?

Hi Pietro, Please update to the Latest Version of Rhino. You are currently on 7.6, the current release is 7.14. Thanks!

same problem, even when I open an old gh file.

That’s fine. Save the file in the new version. Any components that can be upgraded will remain, if not they should have a white box where they were, then replace with the new improved versions.

Built-In Category picker instead of Model Categories Picker for example.

If you read there error its expecting Revit 2021.1 as well.

Still got the Same error
even though i have WIP 8

Please use Rhino 7 for Rhino.Inside.Revit, Rhino 8 isn’t supported yet.

I already have Rhino 7 Installed in the system as you can see in the screenshot above.
Rhino.inside is trying to find the Version at Path
while our path is C:\Program Files\Rhino 7 any help will be appreciated .

What is the version of Rhino 7 installed? Thanks.


Thanks, not sure what the issue is. I’ll have to get back to you in the morning when the devs can take a look.

hi Japhy
Thank for the concern. This morning my Problem is resolved automatically .I can see rhino.inside.
thank you once again.

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