RhinoCommon versin against C++ Debug version

I am making a C++ plugin and a RhinoCommon plugin with the aim to make them

when I run Rhino5 in Debug mode the RhinoCommon dll does not load
since it requires latest service release that seems to be not available for RhinoSDK C++ (April 2013 last version)

What to do ?


I would recommend working in PseudoDebug mode

pseudodebug ?

that means a release compile with debug info ?


Yes it is a release compile, but without optimizations so you can step through your code in the debugger.

Actually, now that I think about it more I thought we had made changes to the SDK to allow for RhinoCommon to work. @dale, did we ever get a debug SDK put together that supported this?

RhinoCommon.dll is distributed with the C++ SDK, which include a debug version of Rhino. Is this the question?

Yes, I couldn’t quite remember if we got the SDK to a point where it installed to a completely separate directory. I know you were working on this a while ago, but couldn’t remember if it actually shipped.

So I guess I’m not exactly sure why the RhinoCommon.dll is not loading in your debug build Gerry.

We don’t include any PDBs, so I don’t see any advantage to using debug Rhino to debug RhinoCommon plug-ins. But to use the version of RhinoCommon that comes with the SDK, you will need to reference it, not the one that comes with Rhino.