Request for updated Rhino5 SDK

Hi @dale @stevebaer

I have recently upgraded the version of RhinoCommon we link with to the version delivered with SR12. Unfortunately, the plug-ins linked to that version won’t load anymore into the debug version of Rhino shipped with the Rhino SDK. We need this to be able to debug native code that is called from the .NET plug-ins.

Could you release a new version of the RhinoSDK that has the same or newer RhinoCommon as SR12(13?) I’ve tried just copying the newer RhinoCommon into the directory of the Rhino debug executable but that doesn’t work.


@brian, can you help here?

Ping! We’re still unable to debug because of outdated Rhino 5 debug executable.

I’ve send you the Rhino 5 SR12 C++ SDK via private email.

– Dale