RhinoCommon offset curve on brep surface problem

Hi, Everyone,

I have encountered a problem about offset on surface that I’m not sure how to solve, See below:

I want to create continuous offset of the edge curve on this lofted brep. I understand that the loft has created a brep. Therefore it might be made up of 3 surfaces, is there a way to create a continuous offset on this brep? I notice that when i try the native grasshopper component, it just does a planer offset. Which is not what i want… could someone help me?

CurveOffset (1).gh (333.1 KB)

Hi @mengxihex,

1. Solution exception:expected Surface, got Brep

The Curve.OffsetOnSurface method requires either a Surface or a BrepFace. From what I can tell, your passing the function a Brep.

Rhino’s Loft component returns a Brep.

– Dale