Error with flip curves and surfaces

Hello everybody! :wave:
I’ve created offset curves and need creating surfaces between it.
In result I need to make close breps, but I had mistakes with surfaces in previously step.
What is my mistake?
I will be glad of any help (14.5 KB)

with some change, tolerance for the offset, suppression of many component and use of loft options it seems almost good. (14.4 KB)

Wow, but if ou zoom this breps you’ll see mistakes in these solids

Is it better ? (13.1 KB)

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Your script has worked incorrect on my computer (see on the screenshot) and I dont know why - some problems on the last solid
I work in Rhino 7 sr27

I don’t know what it is. A curve could be opened so it could be a bad modeling or a tolerance issue or the fact you are very far from the origin …
I suggest you to try changing tolerances in Rhino and Recompute (F5) the script

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