Offset Polysurface problem

Is there an equivalent function to Grasshopper’s Cap Holes Ex in RhinoCommon? I only found Brep.CapPlanarholes.
I am trying to create a solid offsetted Brep using a GH custom component, calling the Brep. CreateOffsetBrep method, choosing true for solid. The result is an open Brep. When I plug it into Cap Holes ex, it produces an invalid Brep.
This is why I was looking for the equivalent method in RhinoCommon to try to debug it, or else see if there could be another way to Debug this?
Thanks a lot in advance!

You might want to post your Rhino file so someone can take a look at your object…

Thank you Martin, for reply.
Here it is the Rhino Model I am trying to solid-offset
Model before offset.3dm (305.5 KB)

How much and in which direction? The attached file contains a closed polysurface with two problems. It might make sense to offset before applying the fillets.

offset.3dm (1.2 MB)

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Thank you for the file ! The rhino command does a better job than using grasshopper for solid offsetting.
In my case, I was trying to do it in the upper direction with a distance of 0.02 (meters).
Could you please elaborate on what you mean by offset before applying the fillets? I am not sure I get it.

Fillets often cause offsets to fail. A model without fillets is generally simpler and easier to edit.

But, 0.02 upwards works fine with this script… Sorry I lost track and I do not know in which topic I found the script. (148.9 KB)

PS: I think you should rename the topic into something like “Offset polysurface problem”


Thank you so much ! I renamed the subject as suggested.
Have a great day !

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Thanks a lot!
Do You have an Updated version ( old component in grasshopper rhino 8 Mac, but it works!)?
Is it possible to do the same with Python 3?

I don’t know how to do that in python. It works fine in c#…