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Hi guys,

In Rhino 6 I’m trying to move the command prompt in my skin to the bottom part of the window but it does not work, I’m using:
AppearanceSettings.CommandPromptPosition = CommandPromptPosition.Bottom;

I tried calling it from this skin methods:

  • OnEndLoadAtStartPlugIns
  • RhinoApp.Initialized event

I also tried to call it from my plugin with same results:

  • OnLoad
  • RhinoApp.Initialized event

In Rhino 5 it works if i use the RhinoApp.Initialized event. Do you know how to solve this in Rhino 6?


Hi @mpcarlos87,

We’re looking into this.

– Dale

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Can you try deleting your %appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\settings\settings-Scheme_[skin scheme name]* files and tell me if it works then? I think I understand what is going on and am able to make it work on my local machine after deleting these files.

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I logged this as RH-42198 and am working on a fix.

Hi @JohnM,

Thank you, I tested it and it works fine (I also deleted window_positions-Scheme…). Let me know if you need to check any other behavior!

By the way I don’t have access to the Issue :smiley:


I made the issue public and have checked in a fix. This should be resolved in the next public release.

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RH-42198 is fixed in the latest WIP

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