Command Prompt at bottom, why won't it stay there?

I have run CommandPrompt, Position, Bottom, enter, then close Rhino. When I open Rhino again the CommandPrompt is at the top. What am I missing?

After running the above commands I checked Tools, Options, Advanced and the setting for …CommandPromptPosition = 1. I think that’s bottom. Click OK, close Rhino, open Rhino and the CommandPrompt is at the top again.


Hello - is there only one instance of Rhino running when you make the change?


Yes. I had 2 going, but turned 1 off and tried the change again. Turned both off, still went back to top when I opened 1 again.

The last Rhino you close is the one that gets it’s settings saved.

Open one instance of Rhino, make the change, and close.
Now is it set?

I have tried the change with only 1 instance open. I will verify it again tonight when I get a chance.

There could also be a Windows rights problem saving changes.
If making the change with a single instance doesn’t work, try right clicking on the V6 desktop icon, choose Run as Administrator, make the change, then close Rhino.

See if kicking Windows in the head with Admin rights makes the change stick.

Run as Administrator didn’t make it stick. It did make it change when I modified
Rhino.Options.Appearance.CommandPromptPosition from 0 to 1. It moved the CommandPrompt to the bottom. When I wasn’t running as admin it would only move the CommandPrompt to the bottom when running CommandPrompt command and making the change there.

So no, running as admin didn’t make the option stick. One instance of Rhino.

Any chance you have “locked” your toolbars?

Don’t think so. Lock Docked Windows is unchecked. Unless there is another setting I should look for.

I’m out of ideas.
@JohnM Any thoughts on this?

Can you try clicking on the left edge of the command window and dragging it down to the bottom where you want it then restart Rhino and see if it stays put?

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That seems to have worked. Thanks.