Rhinoceros 6 Hole glitch

(Jan Jaron) #1

Hello, I have experienced a glitch while creating a hole from closed curve. Created hole was forming to both sides no matter of settings. Some ideas?



Not many without a posted file to look at…

(Jan Jaron) #3

Its not about file to look at, its about command _makehole under Rhinoceros 6, you can see attached pictures (before and after command make hole with settings both sides = no)


MakeHole is designed to use a hole profile parallel to the face to cut out, not perpendicular… Otherwise extrude your profile to the correct height (one side) and use BooleanDifference.


(Jan Jaron) #5

Well, why is there both sides possibility? Does not really make sence then…In Rhinoceros 5 it worked like charm (se attachment)


Yes, you’re right, the BothSides option does appear to be broken in v6… @rajaa

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi All - I am pretty sure this has been fixed… checking… yep, it does work here in the latest.


(Jan Jaron) #8

Sorry to say, but it is no go. Just downloaded latest adept to service pack and problem still stands. I’m attaching screenshot of Rhino Option page with version.

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hello - yeah, sorry - it is fixed here in our in-house builds and not yet in a public build is what it looks like.