Bug in MakeHole

Hi to All

Certainly in the last Candidate 6.8.18211 (but one of my Clients states that this Bug is present since the beginning of Version 6) using MakeHole and pressing Enter immediately after selecting Curves and Polysurface no longer produces a through hole as it should.



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Hi Michele - I see that, thanks.



I’ve just noticed this as well. Glad somebody else already reported it.

Hi siemen

In fact if you look at the Bug Tracker above it was corrected a few weeks ago but unfortunately the Release target is 6.10 so I suppose we’ll see this fix in the early Candidates of Version 6.10.


Hi @siemen

Although it’s not mentioned in the Release notes
the awaited fix is present in the first Candidate 6.10.18275 (and since several weeks in 7 WIP).


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I, too, ran into this problem. A sort of work around was to raise the object above the cutting plane and cut holes all the way thru from the bottom. Then, I lowered the object back down to it’s original location.
But, I couldn’t make a hole to some designated depth no matter where the solid was.