Unable to Make Hole

Suddenly I am unable to Make Hole in a cylindrical polysurface. I need 4 holes Array Polar so I thought I’d make just one and array the hole rather than array 4 closed curves (circles) an attempt to make 4 holes that way. It used to work.
No matter what I’ve tried so far, including insuring that Both Sides is not selected, that direction start is at the center of the circle describing the cylindrical polysurface and that the direction end is at the center of the closed circle describing the desired hole, and Delete Input is set to Yes.
It results in an extrusion of the hole circle completely through the cylindrical polysurface and doesn’t complete the operation. When I tried selecting the offending extrusion in an attempt to delete it, both solids become selected. I’ve tried Group>Ungroup; no joy.
I thought about uninstalling Rhino 5 and reinstalling it but would rather not push my luck.
MakeHoleMalfunction.3dm (64.5 KB)

Edit: In my haste to upload as small a file as practicable, I deleted the construction object for the hole (closed curve) So I’m uploading it as ClosedCurveForHole.3dm
ClosedCurveForHole.3dm (19.3 KB)

Hello- please post a file with the objects before the make hole is tried…


Hi @saucerdesigner,

Make hole is failing because the ring is not closed (it lacks a bottom surface). You will, I think, need to detach the fin on the bottom in order to close the ring. Once you have a closed solid make hole works fine.

Array hole requires the hole to be in a planar surface, so it isn’t going to work on this ring.

EDIT: In place of array hole, make the holes by extruding the planar curve into a cylinder that passes right through the ring, polar array it about the ring centre to make a second cylinder and boolean difference them from the ring.


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That’s exactly right, jeremy5. After I reconstructed the object and extruded the surface comprising the bottom surface to a thickness of 0.0625 inch and joined it to the ring I now had a closed polysurface.


Spoke Nipple Ring.3dm (172.1 KB)

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