Cannot find the delete hole command in rhino 6

Is this command removed in version 6? If so how can I delete holes?

Hi Fwk,

try _untrim.



Hello @Fwk,

Here’s the answer: Where did DeleteHole go?

In V6, use UntrimHoles.


_DeleteHole still exists, it just doesn’t autocomplete anymore.

_HoleyDelete ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Menu> Solid>Solid Edit Tools>Holes>Delete Hole

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I have a polysurface that has a partial depth hole. Unfortunately, Rhino is failing to recognize the hole any longer and the result appears permanent. Is there another way to get Rhino to remember the hole and remove it? Otherwise my geometry is effectively ruined due to this glitch. Thanks.

delete hole or remove hole or whatever only works when the feature you want to remove is contained in only one surfade. your object is sharing edges with adjacent surfaces.

That is actually not true in this case. The adjacent surfaces you are seeing are the results of the original hole operation and should therefore be valid. Any other ideas?

Hi Cody -
For most effective help, always post your 3dm file.
It looks like you should be able to untrim the surfaces. Keep the trimming curves and use the ones that are required to re-split and obtain the desired result.

It is actually. Your “hole” cuts through two surfaces - a little bit into the vertical side surface - so it crosses surface boundaries. I would extract the patch surface and untrim it, fix the vertical surface where it’s cut (perhaps with ReplaceEdge) and then re-trim the patch surface.

If that’s true then the hole command should provide an error message. Otherwise the expectation is that once the hole is made it can be unmade. If there is an exception to this then the command should not allow completion. For this case, allowing the hole to be made and then not being able to remove appears to be a glitch. In the meantime, if anyone has any other insights, then the file is posted here.Site_Rhino_Broken Surface.3dm (258.3 KB)

What kind of error message? Since your structure cannot be defined as a hole by the way Rhino looks at it, the reaction is to not let you select any of the edges (that you “think” belong to the hole). Otherwise, if there was an error message that popped up in the command for every edge of an object that you clicked on that is not considered a hole, it would be a mess.

I extracted the top and the cut side surface and used ReplaceEdge to remove the 3 cut edges in the top surface and the 2 cut edges in the side surface. Then I selected them all and called CreateSolid, which made it back into a solid with no “hole”.

DH-MSH.3dm (421.7 KB)

Note also that if the cutting rectangle is moved slightly inside the object - so that its projection falls entirely on the top surface - then DeleteHole will work fine to remove the cut.

Note also that DeleteHole is just an internal alias for UntrimHoles - the help is not extremely explicit, but it does say this:


@KelvinC perhaps this topic could be expanded a bit to say that “holes” that cross surface outer boundaries within a polysurface cannot be untrimmed with this command (with an example)

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Thank you for your reply @Helvetosaur. What I would hope for in UI feedback would be: a) Rhino would throw a warning or an error for holes that exceed the boundary of a given surface and either b) disallow the operation since the result could not be undone or c) provide the option to proceed but indicating the results could not be undone. Seems simple enough. No need to track edges after the fact. It’s more about providing notices of the exceptions to the operation as it’s being done, so that it isn’t a mystery after the fact.

Unfortunately, that would not be practical, as your “hole” is indistinguishable from any other kind of solid cut made by tools like BooleanDifference. Rhino does not record or remember any tool(s) that are use to make a certain geometrical form, all it knows is its current state.

In the file below, the cut on the left was made with MakeHole, the cut on the right was made with BooleanDifference. They are, for all intents and purposes, identical (except for placement of course).

Box2Cuts.3dm (375.9 KB)


Explode, untrim, create solid.

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I updated the UntrimAll, UntrimBorder, and UntrimHoles topics. Thanks.


@Helvetosaur, thank you for clarification and in depth explanation. I really appreciate your time and providing a solution. Thanks!