Rhinoceros 6 crash when loadind protected dll

Hi all again,

when I try to load an rhp which calls a protected dll, Rhinoceros 6 crashes. I’ve never had any similar problem with either RH5 or RH4. Can you have a try and give me some hint on how to solve this condition?

crash report

from the link above, you can find the unprotected version which works perfectly and the protected one which crashes as soon as Rhinoceros tries to call the dll. Also VS2017 solutions for both cases have been added.

The dll is protected by means of a dongle but Rhinoceros seems to crash even before any access to the hardware device is attempted so I thinlk you should not have any problem even if you do not have the dongle need.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @gm_user,

When porting your plug-in from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6, did you follow the migration instructions found on this page?

Also, does your protection software suppose Visual C++ 2017?

– Dale

Hi Dale,
I implemented RHPs from scratch whereas for migrating DLLs I followed the instructions you mentioned.

The crash occurs only after the dll has been protected. Otherwise it works fine. The problem seems to occurr when Rhinoceros tries to make call to the wrapped dll. Is that possible for you to reproduce the crash and give me any hint on how to solve the matter? I provided all files you need.

Thanks a lot

Hi @gm_user,

If you need a sample of how to have a Rhino plug-in call a utility DLL, then take a look at the attached sample and let me know if you have any questions.

SampleSharedLibrary.zip (77.3 KB)

Otherwise, I am not sure how I can help.


– Dale

As previously noticed, the migration succeeded perfectly.
I suppose the protection somehow collides with Rhinoceros 6.

Thanks anyway for the effort to help me.