Plugin Rhino 6 to Rhino 7

I’ve got this plug-in which works for Rhino6 but loading it into Rhino7 throws me this error.

How do I find out what is not compatible with Rhino7? Or am I just missing a checkbox somewhere to compile for Rhino7 or something? :slight_smile:

@Bill_Cook - is this something you can help with?

Reference “C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\System” -->RhinoCommon.dll
Version to correspond. :slightly_smiling_face:

That makes sense. I’ll try this when I find some time.

This shouldn’t be necessary. It would be good to try and determine what is causing this plug-in to not load

This problem also appeared in my plug-in, and was resolved after referencing the corresponding version of the dll.
It may not be compatible with other dlls such as RhinoWindows.dll. For RhinoWindows.dll, it could be NETFX45 (R6) or NETFX48 (R7) // PS: I just assumed.

Would it be possible to send us the older version of your plugin?

After receiving the prompt, I tested and deleted RhinoWindows.dll, and the R6 plug-in can be used on WIP.
RhinoWindows.dll used to be the dll referenced when testing certain functions.:yum:

I don’t really understand what you are explaining. What does testing and deleting RhinoWindows.dll mean?

I previously referenced RhinoWindows.dll in the project.

I seem to have RhinoWindows referenced in my plugin as well, so perhaps that’s why it doesn’t run in Rhino 7. I don’t remember why I referenced RhinoWindows in my plugin, but am afraid that if I remove it, the plugin won’t work for Rhino 6 anymore. What do you suggest I do, @stevebaer?

Can you send me your plug-in that does run in V6, but does not run in V7? I would like to determine what is causing this.

Ok, I just sent it to you by message.

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Just in case others have the same issue: Seems like one of the references to a .dll in my plugin was set to Copy Local = True, when I set this to false and recompiled it, I managed to load the plug-in in V7


Thanks for letting us know.