Rhinocam vs Vectric Vcarve / aspire for cnc router

Hi all, hope this is ok to post here,
hoping someone can help me out with this.
I am currently building a cnc router with a 5x5 cutting capacity.

I am looking at software options, use rhino extensively for other things so was leaning towards Rhinocam.

With the potential for having to cut a full sheet of ply, I was looking at how to do this, vcarve offers a tiling function with holes placed for dowels, but from what I can find I can’t see a similar tiling function for Rhinocam.

Is there a way of doing this?

I use Array in Rhino to distribute a set of points on the surface I want to drill.
Then in RhinoCam when you need to select the Hole Features you can select the points using any number of methods - for example click on the points filter in the Select tab in Rhino.
Then set up your tool, depth etc in RhinoCam. You can use the Sorting tab of the hole feature in RhinoCam to set the sequence of drilling.

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I can’t help with the vs part as I know very close to nothing about RhinoCam.

On the other hand I use Vcarve Desktop for routing and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is very reliable, generates what seems to me as very intelligent paths for 2D and 3D, reads .3dm files for 3D routing. It’s an outstanding partner for Rhino and an excellent standalone 2D routing job designer as well. It has an excellent tool library system and a machine library as well for those shops with multiple different kinds of machines.

Aspire is just the grownup version of Vcarve for larger machines and production shops.

If you do routing and laser cutting I wouldn’t be surprised if Vectric would be better than RhinoCam. On the other hand if you would be using it for a mill, especially 4 or 5 axis I’m guessing RhinoCam would be the way to go. (Although Vcarve will generate tool paths for 4th axis rotary routing).

Vectric has a great website which you have probably already looked at.

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