New to Rhino - Not sure where to go next


I do a bit of woodworking and have recently built a CNC router. I had someone create a cutout of Kentucky using Rhino and Grasshopper. My file has the counties within the state set at angles. I’ve been able to open the file and look it over and it’s exactly what I want.

I need to get it into Aspire from this point because I’m much more experienced using it go get the code I need to send it to my CNC.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or video or something that would explain what I need to do to get from my current position to Aspire? I’ve tried saving and exporting as multiple different file types and get random error messages. It’s probably sometime basic, but I’m struggling a big. =)

Appreciate the help! (20.4 KB)
USKYEPS010002.3dm (292.5 KB)

As it’s a .3dm file it needs to be brought in to Aspire as a 3d object. I’m drawing a blank on the details of the Aspire process since it’s been a while since I’ve done it (Vcarve: same thing) and I’m not at my Vcarve computer right now. I recall there’s some good tutorials on the Vectric website.

The key point is: it’s a different process from 2D file imports.

I’m not sure what you process would be for milling these. Are you milling them all out of one block? Or cutting each region separately and then putting them together?

Anyway, you need to bake your geometry from grasshopper into Rhino and then export those 3D objects that you want to import to whatever file Aspire can import. Have you tried .STEP?

USKYEPS010002 3.stp (14.3 MB)

Hi Brandon,

My youtube channel contains Rhino, Grasshopper and Robotics tutorials - these might help you get started: