Rhino7 trial license

I am Korean but staying and working in Singapore. In short while, I am going to take lesson on BIM and requested to set up Rhino7 Trial version.
The download link was provded by lecturer (Singapore BCA academy) but it redirects to Korean site for Korean version. Somehow, I installed International English version and tried S/N provided. But Rhino7 does not accept and I suspect the provided S/N works only Korean version.
I cannot find and have NO idea how to request S/N that works on the Internation version as every time I tried it redirected Korean site.
Korean office has NOT asssited on this matter and just advised to contact Singapore office.
I really need to sort this out by today as my lecture commences torrow (Singapore time).

Thank you.

Rhino 7 for Windows - Evaluation

3.Login to your McNeel account (register if you don’t have one)
you’ll receive a trial key in your email

As far as I know, there’s no language specific keys for rhino, if you want to use the key provided by the lecturer and it doesn’t work, you should contact them and have them sort it out for you.

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Hi -
I’m not sure which language version you would prefer to be using, but I would advice you to use Service Release 11 in any case. There have been changes to the evaluation license that require one to use that version. You can download that in English or Korean.

On your Rhino Account, go to Licenses and add the evaluation license with the key that was provided. As Victor wrote, the license key is not language-specific. Then start Rhino.

Just received download link for newer trial version and it works.

Problem solved.

Thanks, Wim.