Rhino7 to Revit2022 block exchange

I have run into a small issue when importing Revit-blocks into Rhino via the dwg-export in Revit.
The issue being that an ID number appears in the block definition, when imported into Rhino, although the very same block does not have that ID number in Revit. It is problematic, because the block in Revit belongs to one big family and that family is split up into smaller groups, when imported into Rhino. Ultimately this results in a lot of unnecessary extra work, as I cannot seem to merge the blocks in the BlockManager in Rhino. Thus I have to manually exchange all the groups of blocks apart from one group in the family and then make copies from that group, so I end up with just one family in Rhino, when applying block edits.

Can this really be the case or am I missing something here?

Can you post an example dwg, i’m not quite following. An export from a Revit to Dwg import is working as expected here.

The Revit Family (.rfa) may be necessary as well.

All of the highlighted blocks in the screen dump should be in the same family, but can you see the different ID numbers that appear? Ex. “6178002-_3D - cboB8K7C”

That ID number includes my initials(cbo), but I don’t know why they appear, because when I export the dwg. from Revit, I can’t find an option to not include an ID number to the block definition.

What version of Revit are you exporting from? They made changes to this behavior a few versions ago. My export was from Revit 2022.