Exporting model with multiple nested blocks to DWG

When exporting a file to DWG, all nested blocks are ignored and not export. I saw that this problem was reported in 2014.

Apparently, when exporting from the block manager would work. This is inconvenient because is obscure, but I thought that if I open a new model, insert the model that I want to export as a block, and then export it from the Block Manager, that would do the trick.

It did not. When exporting to DWG Rhino ignores all nested, nested blocks.

I also saw a similar issue reported in Feb.22. But the linked tracked issue seems to be in the direction DWG to Rhino.

We work with multiple nested Blocks. We have developments with multiple buildings (each a block), with multiple rooms as blocks (toilets, stairs, balconies), with multiple elements as blocks (wash basin, bath tubs, handrails). etc… Some of our partners and collaborators work in revit and autocad, so we need to export to dwg with all this information.

What is the timeline to solve this problem?