Rhino7, Rhino8, Bongo Licenses

  1. We have a Rhino 7 Commercial license by Cloud Zoo and it says
    image, what does it mean? What to do about it?
  2. Can we install and use the new Rhino 8 freely or is there an additional payment?
  3. We are planning to buy Bongo(animation plugin) how do we incorporate that to our existing Rhino license since Bongo is a standalone license?

It means that even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can work with Rhino until the expiration date indicated. If Rhino is active and you connect to the internet before that time, the offline date will be extended by another 20 days or so. If you are more or less permanently connected to the internet, this is nothing you need to worry about.

If you want to upgrade to V8, that is a paid option. There is a special introductory offer on right now, consult your local reseller or the McNeel Buy pages.

You can simply add the Bongo license to your Cloud Zoo account.