Rhino7 mac crash after latest update


I updated to the latest version right now.
When I start rhino I get to the screen where I can chose a new model or recent model.

When I chose new it immediately crashes

When I chose one of the recents it starts loading, where I can see the model in the screen and then crashes.

I did a removal and new installation still the same.

Can I get a hold of the older version somewhere.

I need to work…


Sent you an email.

Can you post your systeminfo?

All of it? the file is to long for the reply or email

same thing with the 14/12 version

please help, I am on a deadline

Sent, What’s your OS?

10.15.7 catalina, It opens now but crashes all the time

Sent a special build for the 10.15.7 Catalina issue. Is updating to Big Sur a possibility?

Hi -

Apple just released a security update for macOS Catalina 10.15.7 that fixes the bug that was introduced in the previous security update. I installed this update earlier today and confirmed that it fixes the crashing issue.

Note that updating to macOS 11 is still the better option if that is available for your machine.

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It’s late 2012 my macbook pro so no not possible.

on my mac mini I have Mojave, same thing, crashes all the time. What I just found out, when I save the file I am working, on my desktop and not iCloud (where I keep all my files) Apparently It doesn’t crash.
Could this be possible?