Rhino stürzt ab

Hey, ich habe nun das erste mal Rhone 6 und 7 mit einem Lizenzschlüssel heruntergeladen. Doch immer wenn ich versuche die Arbeitsoberfläche mit “Neues Modell” zu öffnen, stürzt das Programm einfach ab. Hat jemand eine Lösung dafür?

Hi -
Could you tell us which OS and GPU you are running on your machine? Just take a screen shot of the Apple “About this machine” dialog and post that here.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-07 um 20.13.03

One Information: Rhino works on my partitioned hard drive with the Windows operating system but just in the secured form from Rhino.

Thanks for that macOS information.
Apple recently introduced a bug in the latest security update for Catalina 10.15.7 that causes Rhino to crash on mid-2012 machines running an Intel HD 4000.
We have this logged as RH-66183 and are working with Apple to try and resolve this.
If you can revert the latest security update, that will make Rhino run again on those machines. We have an internal build that disables some display features and that doesn’t crash. If you can’t revert and need to get Rhino running on macOS, I can get you a download link of that somewhat crippled version.

That most likely means that there is an issue with the drivers for the GPU on Windows. You should find links in the Rhino Notifications panel that will guide you to a page where you can download the most recent version of the drivers. See if installing those let Rhino run in normal mode.

Hi @user740,

There is a new security update available for macOS Catalina: macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1615) . Note that 19H1615 is more recent than the previous 19H1519.

We’ve tested this internally and it seems to have fixed the crashing issue.

Please update and let me know if it fixes your Rhino crashing issues.