Rhino7 Mac 3MF export option dialog

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue when I try to export Different models in 3MF format from rhino. I have to export an objects build out of different parts to click them in Simplify 3D with different printing parameters. When I do this with stl I have a few mesh quality issue I don’t have with 3MF. But when I export with 3MF the origins are not properly set and I can’t align the parts of my model in simplify 3D even though it’s working well with stl.
I think that is because I unchecked the box “Move output to positive XYZ octan:”. Poorly I also checked the box “I Aways use these settings. Do not show this dialog again” and I can’t find a way to find the dialog box back on rhino 7 for Mac.

do someone has any clue about what I could do ?



Hi Baptiste -

The ResetMessageBoxes command should sort that out.

thank you very much I don’t know why but I explored the whole internet without finding this command