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Hello everyone, i am having problem with export .3mf file. I have mesh models which is imported from somewhere else and i made some modification on it and prepare for 3d printing. In rhino and if i export it as stl file, model goes to the slicer perfectly fine. Doesnt incloude any naked or nonmanifold edges. However, when i export it as .3mf file, it becomes open meshes with non monifold edges and look strange also. I tried to increase the render mesh settings but doesnt make much of difference. I also tried to use QuadRemesh command, it decrease the number of naked and non manifold edgess but they didnt disappear completely and plus after the command, general shape of the model also changed which i dont want to.
Any ideas?

No help on that?

Hello - does the 3mf file import to back to Rhino correctly?


Hi Pascal, what do you mean correctly? I drag and drop the 3mf file into the rhino as i do with any other file format. If you mean the message on the command line, yes ,it says “Successfully read file”

Hello - does it look correct back in Rhino?
Does the problem you described occur with any file? If not, please post the Rhino file that does not work, or send to tech@mcneel.com, with a link back to this topic in your comments.


Hi, i tried it with different objects and tried to check it with show edges command which results in no edges and it is looking different in renreder view. I couldnt understand what is going on and unfortunatly i am not able to uplaod the file. Is it normal that ShowEdges command ends with no edges found?

Hello - I can’t really say without an example.


Hey pascal, i have found an example online which has the same issue. The top one is the original, middle one is stl export and import(still closed) and the bottom one is .3mf export and import(become open mesh). I also attached the file here if you can check it out and let me know about it. Thank you very much!

3mf export.3dm (4.2 MB)

Well some of the way it looks weird is just “welding,” not the actual polygons that impact 3D printing. So why is the 3mf screwed up? I dunno, 3mf stinks? What I’ve heard about it the whole concept behind it as an “advancement” on STL is bad and dumb.

Thanks for the reply, i also couldnt figured out why it is not working with 3mf while it is working with stl and rhino.

Well if STL is working use STL, 3MF has frankly flopped it’s not widely used and I wouldn’t use it for my home 3D printing as it can contain slicer settings, which is just terrible.

Yes, i could have use the stl but i also need to have texture within the file(this is an example model, not the one that i need in 3mf file) which stl cant do.

Hello- it looks like the mesh is fine, just a welding difference as Jim says - if you Unweld that ugly mesh at 10 degrees, for example, it cleans up pretty well.


Wouldnt that clean up the model within rhino? I need it to be good after i export it as 3mf file. It is not really important how it looks in rhino as long as it is okay in 3mf file. If i unweld it and export it as 3mf file, is it going to stay closed mesh without nonmanifold edges?

I see the problem now - I did not get what you were showing with that glasses file - I get it now, thanks.
RH-64639 3mf file changes the mesh


Thanks pascal, should i follow the youtrack link from now on?

Hello - yes, there will likely be comments from the developer and so on, if you want to get a blow-by-blow of the progress.


Thanks a lot Pascal, you are the best!