Exporting textured objects as .3mf or .obj files not working

I textured an object for multicolor-3D-printing with Rhino 7. On the left you can see the textured Polysurface and on the right the mesh based on the Polysurface.

Then I exported the mesh as an .3mf-File. But the exported file is somehow broken: When reopening it with Rhino V7 it returns an empty scene. Using different types of Software (e.g. HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager) i get an Error.

An alternative file format would be .obj, but the resulting texture is also broken on the top and bottom:

Any ideas how to solve these two problems? Thanks in advance!

3mf Export Problem.3dm (1.5 MB)
Export_fail.3mf (1.5 MB)
Obj_Export_Fail.zip (1.2 MB)

Hello - if you Bake your original you can get a single bitmap (I would set the baked image size pretty high - say 2048 px by 2048) that is applied to the color slot in the material - export that to OBJ using the render mesh .

mapping.zip (634.8 KB)

does that help at all?


Hi Pascal,

thanks for your reply! This works - at least for (poly)surfaces or extrusion - but sadly not for meshes.

However, we often need to color objects that are only available as mesh files (e.g. 3D scans). When exporting these as .obj files i always get some kind of artifacts.

Do you have any idea hiw to solve the issue with the export of .3mf files?

Thanks again for your help!

EDIT: Tried to export the textured scan as a .wrl file → Same error as with the 3mf export