Rhino6 key missing

I have found that I cannot open Rhino6 lately because it is asking for a key. I have been using Rhino7 for a couple years now (?) and have occasional need to save a 7 file in R6 but for some reason have lost that ability. I am asked for a key and because I have been using the Zoo in R6 can’t find my license key.

Go to the download page to download an older version of Rhino and retrieve a legacy key using your Rhino 7 license key.

That’s not true in this case.

@Joseph_Culbert started off with a V6 EDU license and has upgraded through to V7.

His V6 license is in his Login account.
He just needs to login to run it.

Got it, thank you for clarifying

The “Legacy keys” you described are for people that need an older Rhino for a plug-in that isn’t available for V7.

They buy a V7 license, register it, then claim a V5 or V6 legacy key so they can run the old plug-in. Matrix is a good example. It was a V5 plug-in.


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