Rhino6 Grasshopper panels

Rhino 6 WIP:

Panels in GH cannot be edited.

Panels cannot be disconnected.

I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this on my machine using the latest RhinoWIP (6.12.18317.12076). I am able to add a Panel component to the canvas, double-click it, and edit it. I am able to connect this panel to other components.

Can you please run the SystemInfo command and paste the results back here?

Thanks for taking a look Dan. Ive just tested it, and it only doesn’t edit when its minimised. Even when the panel is larger enough for me to edit, you cant see the cursor vertical flashing line, that would help see when editing is available.

My system info may not be required now - but here it is any way:

p.s. On GH for the PC, I’ve put in a request for the text edit features to zoom in later on… as they get in the way when I am editing text. Can you make this a feature for Mac Rhino GH and see if it is better to : have the text edit zoomable feature - to come in later on? i.e. so my old eyes and fingers don’t have to squint, so to speak. Or make it a property I can change?

ThanksRhino-Systeminfo.txt (2.9 KB)

Ok thanks. If it makes its way into the Windows version, it may come shortly after in the Mac version. We’ll see.