【Rhino6.0】change Grasshopper Paint Background transparent?

Hello everyone,I ran the Grasshopper Paint Background transparent code in rhino 6.0 and ran into some problems.
In the rhino6.0.I can select objects in the rhino document directly through GH,Like this.

In the rhino5.0.I can not select objects in the rhino document directly through GH,Like this.

I want to ask how to implement the effect in Rhino5 in rhino6?The objects in the rhino can not be selected through the GH background.

This is my code;

This is my GH fileForm_Transparent.gh (3.9 KB)

Thanks for any suggestion


This is what i call innovation! This should be build in feature!

But I can’t select the gh component.

Setting a transparency key on a winform will not allow mouse events to fall through to the underlying control.

Thanks David,This solves my problem.

@603419608 would u mind sharing working version? :wink:

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I have been wishing for this feature!!! Autodesk Dynamo has this kind of interface and it’s awesome, but I like Grasshopper way better.

I finally just googled “grasshopper background transparent” and BAM! you did it!!!

Thank you for this! Simple and great!

I hope this feature is not forgotten and one day incorporated in to the GH environment.

I almost bought a second monitor, but I think this is just the feature i needed

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How long have you wished (2014) :smiley:

Just recently learnt that GH plugins can alter GH itself. I never realize how open Rhino and GH code is, and how easy it is to compose GHA files.
I just assumed that plugins added nodes that affected geometry and such. So, after looking through the UI menus in GH and not seeing the option I figured it just was not an available feature.

I just started learning about what C# can do in GH.

I’m a python amateur, but I’m all in with C#, its so much more powerful.

Been waiting 2 years, haha.

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Yeah, and if you’re not careful, you can really mess it up too with a plug-in. Especially if you’re willing to use Reflection, you can get access to pretty much all the functionality in GH. The menus, the toolbars, event handlers, there’s even people who changed the shape of wires on the canvas by replacing the method which draws them with their own.

good boy