Rhino5 on a macbook air - new hardware

Rhino5 on the original macbook air is surprisingly well behaved and quick. My models are mostly pretty simple surface modeling for jewelry.

I am upgrading the to a new MacBook air. Is my best bet to max out memory and get the i7 processor? Maybe not necessary but it can’t hurt, right?

Hi Acmepost- I have the newer Air here— Yes, max memory, i7, and max HD- seems great so far. I have not Bootcamped Windows yet, but I expect to do that shortly.


I’m running Rhino in the new MBA i7,8gb. and it runs smoothly. I’m running it with Bootcamp. I’m using Grasshopper and doing some solar analysis and at the moment it works well.


I’m looking at upgrading to a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display so that I can bootcamp Rhino 5 / Grasshopper for Windows 7 or 8. Is this a workable approach and might I be able to also run a Thunderbolt display?? Thanks!