Rhino5 navigation lags when the objectsnap tooltips are showing on viewport

Hello I’ve been having an issue with rhino 5 for sometime now. I’ve been experiencing severe lagging when navigating in viewports and I’ve just managed to spot that this issue occurs when object snap is on and there is an active object snap tooltip (end mid point etc) on the screen. I haven’t found any similar issues on the web. Another problem I noticed is that the point on the cross cursor moves slower than the cross if I drag my mouse very fast. Also if I start a curve command and input fast 10-20 points I can see the input of the last points delaying to be drawn by a couple of seconds
my system specs are
intel i9 9900k
32 gb ram

os Windows10
Rhino5 latest version
Vray3.6, bongo, and hdrlightstudio plugins installed

Hello - Make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers, from NVidia’s website, for the GeForce; if that is not it, try disabling the plugins you list in Options > Plug-ins page and then close and restart Rhino to see if we can blame one of those. Any luck?


Hello Pascal. Thanks for the quick response. I have updated the drivers yesterday. The issue still exists but was improved so now I can work at least. I’ll try to disable the plugins once I get the chance and see if any of that is to blame. I do have a hunch that vray is to blame to be honest as I’ve had numerous culprits with the 3.6 version resulting in crashes and all the diagnostics led to chaos group.

I’ll post here once I manage to check it out

Thanks again for your input :slight_smile: