Rhino3d Website Glitch

On the home page of the Rhino3d site its just refreshing constantly 🤷

I am not seeing this here so far… will try on Mac…


good here… any chance your f5 key is being help down by something? Only our site doing it for you?

only the 1 site glitching like that, Rhino3d, all others fine

that’s quite odd… try clearing browser cache? from what I can see you are the only one seeing this.

Yeah, I tried Chrome and Safari both - I did not see anything amiss.


fine here as well, safari and firefox on mac os x 10.15.6
www.rhino3d.com as expected.

… but i have an endless loop with:
wich redirects do undocumented command…

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :alien: :rage: :roll_eyes:

did you clear your cache ?
restart your computer ?
restart the browser ?

I see that, thanks.
@Tom_ - how did you get this link in the first place, does it appear as you have it, some place on Rhino3d.com?


by typing it in the address line :cold_face: :grimacing:
it looks like the logic start-page for help

the “bigger” context:
if you google a rhino-command “rhino3d polyline help”
at least in my search-bubble i get a first hit for the rhino 5 help without navigation. At least the rhino 5 help has a “open topic with navigation” at the end / last line - compare the end of those two pages:
“it would be really great to fix this also.”

My german-speaking students have to use the english interface - but i always show them, that they can change the country-code in the online help to get informations in german - if their english is not strong enough to understand the english content:
… this is a nice feature.

following this, logic of the address-syntax http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/7/help might redirect to english for less work, or to a “select language”
kind regards -tom

Note that if you are in Rhino and are using Rhino in German, pressing F1 in Windows gets you the German help. On Mac, I don’t think F1 works, but I guess pressing the Help button should do the same.

thanks Mitch

  • if my students use the english lanugage-Settings (which i think is much more fluent then the german, and more compatible with the community and all resources ), they sometimes struggle with the english text … so modifying the browsers address is a nice way to get to the german help / translation, even if the interface is english… sorry if my post was not clear about this … i’ve added a sentence to make it more clear…(hopefully) kind regards - tom

@pascal @theoutside clearing history and restarting seems to have resolved the problem :+1:, weird how it was just the Rhino3d site 🤷

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