Can not open rhino file that I saved

I am using rhino 7 version and having a problem with opening some of my rhino files. After I saved succesfully and close the application and try to open it next time, it shows a black screen where files can not be seen.
Not with all the files I am having these problem but I am not able to understand why.
I am using vray plug in for render and I can open those same file on another computer where vray is not installed.
Please help, I have a deadline very soon!

Hi @aydangalabova
First thing is to make sure that Rhino, Vray and your graphics drivers are all up to date. Also, run the Rhino command SystemInfo and paste the result here. You could try to disable Vray in the PluginManager and see if that’s better. Then, at the least, you know it’s a Vray issue (and should talk to ChaosGroup).
HTH, Jakob