WIP SDK availability?

I think I read somewhere that the c++ sdk is not yet available for the WIP. If true, do you have any sort of timeline on that becoming available? Or, if I completely misunderstood, can I download or somewhere?

+1, We also hope to have access to the C++ SDK for the WIP.

+1, We would like to have an C++ SDK as well.

@stevebaer or @dale could you maybe enlighten us?

The C++ SDK for the Rhino WIP is not available yet. There is still too much changing for it to be of any use. Plus, the SDK is obsolete with every Rhino WIP.

Hey Menno,
Is there something in the C++ SDK that you need that isn’t available through RhinoCommon? It seems like this is something we should figure out and provide.

We have a key plugin that is written in c++ for performance and availability of e.g. custom grips.
Also, limitations in the RTree as discussed here [RhinoCommon] RTree is too limited
Another thing we have in c++ is stable multi threaded point projection to a Brep. Coded in c# with TPL this would crash randomly.

I was hoping to test our c++ code at some point with the WIP.

In addition to the previous post - I miss support in RhinoCommon for the following

  • Bezier surface
  • Nurbs cage
  • Surface tree
  • MorphControl with nurbs cage
  • snapping on custom objects (custom object/grip and CRhinoDoc::SnapTo)

Any news on C++ SDK for Rhino WIP?

Other than we haven’t released it, no. Hopefully we can get something out in the field soon. I know others (here) that need it too.

Any more updates about the SDK for Rhino 6?

Hi Matt,

We’ve been holding off until we switched to VS 2015, which we have just recently done. We’ve just finished the SDK installer, but it still needs some testing. Once we all feel the SDK has settled a bit, so there are no major changes coming, we’ll get something out in the field.

In other words, we’re getting closer…

– Dale

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But that said, the SDK version number changes with every weekly release as we make breaking changes to the SDK. So it’s virtually impossible for third party developers to write C++ plug-ins that will run on end user machines reliably.

The Rhino WIP SDK is available now: